EMCOCABLES was founded in 1960 by a group of Colombian industry owners and the American company Paulsen Wire Corporation, combining market knowledge and the efficient use of technology to manufacture the high quality products.

Diversification of its products began in the 70's, offering high technology products such as copper wire for rim bid, wire, and wire strands for post-tensioning in concrete, galvanized wire for centers of electrical conductors and guard wires, MIG welding wire and other types of wires for different uses such us electricity, mining, oil and agro-industrial industries.

Throughout its history, EMCOCABLES has continued to supply both the domestic and international markets, applying the highest quality standards and using advanced technology equipment and efficient human talent.



We are committed to produce and sell steel wire ropes, strands and steel wires.


For 2025, we aim to become the leading producer and seller of steel wire cables, wire ropes, wire strands, and wires, demonstrating a strong commitment and exceptional dedication to the development of our country.


“We help building a better world”


We have a talented team of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to meeting our clients' expectations and achieving success.

Health, safety and environment

 Safety and health in the workplace are paramount at Emcocables. We recognize their significance and foster a culture of self-care among our employees, contractors, suppliers, and visitors. We identify potential hazards, evaluate existing risks in our operations, and actively participate in prevention and health promotion initiatives to continuously enhance our management system for safety and health at work (SG-SST).